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 TEL : (+33) 4 50 41 33 21Urgence : (+33) 6 86 34 34 03 Mail :            

Our assets and our originality

- a team of passionated Mountain Guides: The Mountain Guides of our Company are not only skilled professionals and teachers, but also passionately fond of the peaks, sites and countries where they will take you off.   

Selected for their professional and human qualities, their knowledge of the local customs, their discovery spirit, their concern for your safety, and their conviviality, they are the guarantors of the success of your tour.  

They are State graduated : French Mountain Guide graduated from the "École Nationale de Ski et d'Alpinisme" of Chamonix, qualified worldwide as IFMGA Mountain Guide, Swiss IFMGA Mountain Guide, Spanish IFMGA Mountain Guide.

Created in 1995 by Marc Démolis, member of the IFMGA ( International Federation of Mountain Guides Associations ) and Mountain Guide from Chamonix, Le Pays d'En Haut ranges among the most experienced teams of IFMGA Mountain guides. We guide our clients on some of the most famous peaks, trekkings or ski tours of the world : European Alps, Africa, Nepal, New Zealand, Andes.



- our experience of mountain sports and tours, the successes of the ascents carried out by our guides made us reach a Quality level tested year after year.

Thus, during the exceptional rain and snow falls which have been falling on Nepal on the 9 and 10 of November 1995, killing more than 50 trekkers and mountaineers, our teams of French Mountain Guides and Nepalese Sherpas suceeded to ensure the safety of our groups of hikers and climbers, allowing each participant to go back home safe and sound. This is a concrete example of our skills as Tour Operator.



- a human scale: we are keen to remain a average and human size society, so as to be close to you, and therefore be more efficient and more competitive for the services of our courses and tours (thus, we do not print a costly and luxurious advertising brochure, choosing to prioritize our Web site, where you can find all the detailed informations + photos of our tours).



- the size of our groups: to preserve the conviviality of our tours, to ensure the security of our ascents and of our technical programs, and to respect the stillness of the sites and valleys visited, all our groups are limited to twelve participants or less for tours off-Europe, and to eight participants or less for tours in Europe.

The average age of our travellers stands between 20 and 70 years. The ratio men / women is 5% / 45 %. You mainly come from Belgium, Canada, France, Spain, Switzerland, United Kingdom and United States of America.



- being in touch with you:

- during the tour: it is the guide's role; he will adjust the efforts of the stage according to your fitness, or he may add a little variation to the stage, to reach a viewpoint located not far from the trail, or to visit a remote monastery.

- after the tour, the fruit of your remarks will help us to judge and to upgrade our services, which have soon been improved as the journeys go by : quality of the management, comfort of the accommodations, quality of the food, design of the itineraries (length, choice of the best route, gradual acclimatization to altitude, rest days)

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