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Le Pays d'En Haut Mountain Guides



Our French IFMGA Mountain Guides and our Ski Instructors graduated in Chamonix, our Swiss IFMGA Mountain Guides, our Spanish IFMGA Mountain Guides speak fluently English, with a near-native comprehension.  




The International Federation of Mountain Guide Associations ( International Federation of Mountain Guides Associations ) :

The IFMGA, founded by guides from Austria, France, Switzerland and the Aosta valley, exists since 1965 and regroups associations of mountain guides of more than 20 countries, representing a total of around 6000 guides.


A high level of competence is required in four different disciplines in order to become an IFMGA certified mountain guide : ice climbing, rock climbing, mountaineering and ski-mountaineering.


It takes 5-10 years to become a mountain guide, from the moment someone starts serious mountaineering to the moment when he will receive his guide diploma.


The IFMGA Technical Commission places reliance on and follows the work of a permanent working party, allowing it to examine technical advancements and to improve the level of guide training.




Travelling through Mountains is a matter of confidence. Your confidence. Thanks to all our travellers who became our friends.


Created in 1995, Le Pays d'En Haut ranges among the most experienced teams of IFMGA Chamonix Mountain guides.


Our Guides are not only skilled professionals and teachers, but also passionately fond of the peaks, sites and countries where they will take you off.


Selected for their professional and human qualities, their knowledge of the local customs, their discovery spirit, their concern for your safety, and their
conviviality, they are the guarantors of the success of your tour.


We guide our clients on some of the most famous peaks, trekkings or ski tours of the world : European Alps, Africa, Nepal, New Zealand, Andes.


Contact us directly if you want to hire a Mountain Guide for a tailor-made tour, or private mountain guiding.




Our Guides

Marc Démolis, manager of Le Pays d'En Haut, two children, Mountain Guide, Canyoning Guide, Cross-Country Skiing Instructor. Worked as a Public Works Engineer, before to be a Guide. He loves Aïkido (Nidan), travelling through Nepal, meeting people around the world, practising ski-mountaineering, and hiking through small mountains with his children. 




Alain Ledoux, two children, Mountain Guide, Ski Instructor. Alain is the manager of the most famous Ski School specialized in Off-Piste in Val d'Isère, " Mountain Masters " (Killy Sports). He has been skiing on all the most famous slopes of the Alps, from Nice till Insbrüuck ! He loves ... Skiing, but also scuba-diving, and travelling.



Pierrick Hotellier, one child, Mountain Guide, Canyoning Guide, Environment Engineer. Excellent climber and skier (Pierrick skied down Aiguille Verte by the Whymper gully), Pierrick loves to be in his mountains (Alps, Bulgaria, Morroco, New-Zealand). He also appreciates vegetarian cooking, good wine, and to go in for photography.





Jean-Philippe Tremblai, two children, Mountain Guide, Canyoning Guide, Professional Mountain Rescuer. Jean-Philippe has travelled all around the world : Mountains (USA, Peru, Patagonia), Deserts (Morocco, Sahara), Islands (New Caledonia, Reunion, Corsica). He appreciates micology, photography, and rugby (he was French Champion with the "15 years old" team of Bourg-En-Bresse).



Pierre Liotard, one child, Mountain Guide, Canyoning Guide, Skiing Instructor. Many tours to Laddack, Cachemire, Karakoram, China, Turkey and Morroco. Pierre loves to share his pleasure of being in the Mountains, from ski tours to the most difficult climbing routes of the Alps.



Nicolas Bezard, three children, Mountain Guide, Canyoning Guide. Coming from the Pyrenees, now living in Saint-Gervais Mont-Blanc. Many tours to Scotland, Morroco, Jordania, USA, India. Nicolas appreciates climbing in wild spots.



Didier Pointière, two children, Mountain Guide, Canyoning Guide, Skiing Instructor. Didier is the specialist of Tignes and Val d'Isère. He loves skiing, climbing, and ... skiing !



Bernard Morati, two children, Mountain Guide, Canyoning Guide, Ski patrol Chief. Very good climber, Bernard is fond of travelling.



The following Mountain Guides will also guide you during our courses in the Alps : Eric ALAMICHEL, Thomas BERGES, Pierre BEUSCAR, François BOUVIER, Philippe CABE, Xavier CARRARD, Jean-Louis CLEAZ, Gérard CUENO, Julien DELESCURES, Jean-Michel DELOMIER, Pierre FAVRE, Ignacio GARRIDO LESTACHE, Christian HERTZOG, Roland HIGUERA, Mickaël JACQUET, Marc LUBIN, Séverin MARCHAND, David MARRET, Yannick PONSON, William POUX, Vincent RASTELLO, Damien SOUVY, Thierry VESCOVI, and others IFMGA Mountain Guides.






Our local agents in Nepal are Nima Thundu Sherpa, his daughter Dadoma Sherpa, and his son-in-law Tenzing Sherpa. They welcome us in Nepal, and they organize the whole logistics of our trekkings and ascents. 



They work very closely with numerous non-profit, international and private business organizations along with local businesses to promote Nepal trips and Himalayan culture. Some of its partners are Himalayan Cataract Project, Royal Botanical Garden of Scotland, Michael Pearson, Peter Boardman Group of England, University of Vermont Outing Club, Peregrine Outfitters. 

Nima Thundu Sherpa
Dadoma Sherpa and Tenzing Sherpa






Our professional guides on the ascent of Kilimanjaro, Tanzania have been trained by the teachers of the National Mountaineering School of Chamonix. 


Our Watching Wildlife Safari Guides in Tanzania are graduated of Mweka African Wildlife Management College.

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