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The respect for Men and Sites


- Respect for men: we prefer a real partnership to a disguised exploitation. Thus, off-Europe, our guides, sherpas, cooks, porters, mule-drivers, yack-drivers are paid at fair fees. In this same spirit, all the members of our Nepalese teams are covered by a specific insurance, and you will not see your porters sleeping in high altitude under a rock, for lack of places in lodges for tents. 


We consider that it is impossible to work with an underpaid staff, consequently not very motivated, when the success of a tour depends of all these local people who take care of the participants.

Thus, if you travel with us, we will ask you to respect them during the whole tour, and not to forget to give them good tips (a simple thing for you, but a very nice present for local people who work hard for you).


- Respect for sites: as Mountain Guides, used to open the route in a wild environment where we chose to live, we do not accept to leave any rubbish on the trail. We, guides and participants, are just allowed to leave our footprints. 

- in Nepal, we respect the Environment Charter : all rubbish are brought back or burnt; our cooks use kerosene for cooking, to stop the process of deforestation created by the demand for wood to cook food for trekkers, this deforestation making landslides more frequent during the monsoon.

- in Tanzania and Turkey, all rubbish are brought back, burnt, or buried in suitable places.

- in Europe, all rubbish are brought back to the nearest dust bin.

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