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Hiking, Trekking in the Alps, in Nepal and Tanzania



Hiking, Trekking, two words which mean, beyond the joy of walking, that you will feel deeply, not only the forces of Mountain Nature, but also the pleasure to meet highlanders, so kind and so sincere, and the discovery of a way of life and of a culture which will mark you.






- a week-end close to Geneva, on easy footpaths, to discover the pleasure of hiking in a wonderful scenery : Lake Leman, Mont Blanc. For beginners in hiking, from May to November.


- a week-end at Pormenaz peak , the best Mont-Blanc group panoramic wiewpoint. For occasional hikers, from June to October.


- the Tour du Mont Blanc


- Val Montjoie Haute Route 



- Watching Wildlife in the Alps, Gran Paradiso National Park



- Ceillac, French Alps, Queyras Regional Park, 7 days Summer
Multi-activities, and Family holidays : Hiking, initiation to Rock-climbing, Via Ferrata, Rafting


- Hiking in the Alps : Autumn trekking


- Glacier Trek in the Alps






 - Hiking, Trekking in Nepal


 - Hiking, Trekking in Tanzania





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