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Mountaineering, Dômes de Miage ridges

One of the most beautiful ridge of the Mont-Blanc group and of the Alps, for nearly beginners (if you are fit, and if you have attended a ice-climbing school or climbed a first easy summit using crampons, you will appreciate this ascent). 

Our French Guides are qualified worldwide as IFMGA Mountain Guides, and speak fluently English, with a near-native comprehension.


2 days programme in the Mont-Blanc group, departures Summer 2018 each Saturday from June 2 till September 15, and each day from 1st of July till 31st of August 2018, one French Mountain Guide for 2 or 3 participants, PRICE 490 Euros (the price includes guide fees, and half-pension for you and your guide at the Conscrits hut).



On the first day, in the morning, you will follow with your guide the easy footpath going up in the woods of the Cugnon from the village of Les Contamines to Tré-La-Tête mountain hut. From the hut, an uneasy footpath ("Le Mauvais Pas") will lead you to the glacier of Miages. A walk up on the glacier, a footpath crossed by small mountain streams, and you will reach the Conscrits hut by the end of the afternoon. Peaceful evening in the hut, with the warm welcome of our friend Mattel, the hutkeeper. Close to the hut, ibexs come at dusk to lick the salt put on the rock by the hutkeeper.


On the second day, you will leave the hut before dawn, going up on the Miages glacier till the Domes pass (11,693 feet), then climb across the 3 main summits of the Domes of Miage (highest point 12,041 feet) till the Bérangère pass (10,984 feet). A very easy rocky ridge will lead you up to the Bérangère summit (11,237 feet). Way down to the Conscrits hut, and then back to Tré-La-Tête hut. Arrival at Les Contamines by mid-afternoon. 


 * Level:


- to appreciate this ascent, you must have attended a ice-climbing school or climbed a first easy summit using crampons, like the peaks of Breithorn, Aiguille du Tour, Dôme de Neige des Écrins, or achieved the Haute Route Chamonix-Zermatt.


- your fitness : you practise twice a week either running, biking or swimming. During the two months before the ascent, you must either run 30 minutes 3 times a week, bike 3 hours 2 times a week, or hike through the hills 8 hours each week-end.


- Elevation on day 1 : from Les Contamines to Conscrits hut : Ascent : + 5,250 feet. Descent : - 575 feet.

- Elevation on day 2 : from Conscrits hut to Dômes de Miage, and back to Contamines : Ascent : + 4,480 feet. Descent : - 9,155 feet


Route: on Saturday, from les Contamines (3,970 feet), ascent up to Tré-La-Tête hut (6,463 feet) , and to the Conscrits hut (8,563 feet), night in the hut / on Sunday, ascent of Dômes of Miage (12,041 feet), Bérangère peak (11,237 feet), way down to Les Contamines.

A young Ibex

The Nepalese bridge, on the way to Conscrits hut

On Tré-La Tête glacier

On the way up to Dômes pass

In the distance, on the right, Mont-Blanc

The first Dôme

A group by the Dômes pass

Wiew, from left to right on Bionnassay, Dôme du Goûter, and Mont-Blanc

Tré-la-Tête peak

Aiguille de la Bérangère

Bérangère summit

From Bérangère peak, wiew on the Dôme de Miages ridge

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