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Mustang, Nepal, the forbidden Kingdom

Varied colours cliffs, close to Ghemi village. CLICK ON THE PHOTO TO ENLARGE IT

Our way in Mustang


- A 19 days programme.


- Departures on 7 of April, 29 of September and 20 of October 2018.


- Group : 10 to 12 hikers. IFMGA and UIAGM Guide : Marc Démolis, speaking fluently English, expert of trekking in Nepal


- Accommodation : lodges.


- Price including flight ticket from London, Madrid, Barcelona, Paris, or Bruxelles + the special trekking permit for Mustang (500 US $) : 3,595 €. 


- Price without international flight ticket : discount of 800 €.





Mustang, the old forbidden kingdom


In old tibetan language, Mun Tang, " the fertile plain", gave its name to Mustang, the Lo kingdom. A long time forbidden to foreigners, Mustang became part of Nepal in 1951. During the following years, it was a base camp for the Tibetan Resistance fighters, the Khampas, who used to go to Tibet to attack the Chinese army.


Its capital, Lo Manthang, does not any more put up the ex King of Nepal, the Lo Rgyal-p, who know lives nearly all the year  in Kathmandu, as the monarchy was abolished on the 7 of October 2008. The first king of Nepal was Ame Pal, a buddhist warrior from the West part of Tibet, who chased the local War lords in the 13th centuy a.J.C., and supervised the building of the fortified city of Lo Manthang.


Mustang has a area of 1250 squared kilometers. On the North of Mustang, 4 high passes give access to Tibet while, in the South, the Kali Gandaki river has opened its bed through the mountains, thus building the most impressive canyon in the world. The west part of Mustang has many small villages, while the east part is much wilder with only a few very small villages and mountain pastures. 


Our tour will make you discover these two sides, and meet the local people, the Lo-Ba, and their monasteries, where the true Tibetan culture is protected.


Mustang just receives a very small part of monsoon rains, as the 8,000 meters peaks of Annapurna and Daulaghiri located on its South side block most of the monsoon clouds on their slopes. The yearly total of rains in Mustang is only about one feet.


During our tour, we will sometimes walk in the bed of the Kali Gandaki, where strong winds coming from the South use to blow each morning around 11 am. Happily, winds are much weakers when you walk in the mountains.


9,000 Lo-Ba live in Mustang, in three big market towns (including Lo Manthang) and in about 30 small villages.


Most of Mustang monasteries belong to the Sakya Buddhism trend; some are have been built in cliffs, where the monks keep trasures of Sacred Art. The biggest Mustang monastery is the monastic school Sakyapa, at Lo Manthang, where 65 young monks study Buddhism education and rites, sciences and english. They also learn the legends of Padma Sambava, who brought Buddhism to Tibet.


During this tour, you will visit many monasteries. The most beautiful stand at Lo Manthang :


- Dragkar-Thegchen Ling Gonpa : founded in the 13th century a. J.C., by Ame Pal. It is the residence of Lamas dignitaries.


- Jampa Gonpa, 14th century a. J.C, 11,000 squared feet, height 52 feet, with 35 pillars. The three stories Jampa Gonpa is an exemplary piece of art exhibits Lo-Manthang´s great architectural depth of the past, with its ancient Tantrik Mandala.


- Thupchen Gonpa, 15th century a. J.C. Its main hall is covered with gold, silver and natural color, with mantras engraved in the wooden beam of the hall.


- The Monastic museum, established in 2008. It contains different types of masks which monks wear to dance during different festivals and ritual programmes. It also contains scriptures more than 3,000 years old of Bonpo religions, before Buddhism.


We will also see many cave dwellings, where researchers have found bones, potteries, scriptures, funeral rooms and paintings old of around 3,000 years.





Route: take-off from London, night flight / arrival at Kathmandu, night at Kathmandu / transfer in private minibus to Pokhara / flight Pokhara - Jomosom, 8920 feet asl, and trekking till Kagbeni, 9,219 feet / Chhusang, 9,775 feet / Dajori La pass, 12,255 feet, Samar, 11,845 feet / Ghiling, 11,710 feet / Nyi La pass, 13,155 feet, Dhakmar, 12,370 feet / Mui La pass, 13,680 feet, Ghar La pass, 14,040 feet, Lo Manthang, 12,450 feet / Lo Manthang, rest day, visit monasteries and troglodytes dwellings / Lo La pass, 13,290 feet, Charang, 11,680 feet / Dhichvang Khola river, Sertang plateau, 13,155 feet, Tangge, 10,630 feet / Paha pass, 13,840 feet, Chhusang, 9,775 feet / Gyu La pass, 13,375 feet (one of the most beautiful passes in the World, with an extraordinary wiew on two 8,000 meters peaks, Annapurna and Dhaulagiri), Muktinath, 12,170 feet / Lupra, Jomosom, 8920 feet / morning flight to Pokhara, then afternoon transfer in private minibus to Kathmandu / Kathmandu / flight take-off / arrival at London.





Training :


Footpaths are wide and safe, built for porters and also for yaks or mules caravans. Passes are usually entirely cleared away from snow.


You are fit and used to hikking; you practise twice a weekeither runing, swimming, or hiking. The average pace is 1,000 feet of rise per hour.





Our assets :


- a trekking with few tourists (limited at 1,200 hikers per year)


- a trekking accessible to any good hiker (highest point of the tour : 14,040 feet asl)


- the variety of sceneries


- local people strong links with Buddhism


- some of Nepal most beautiful monasteries


- guiding by a French Mountain Guide experienced in tours in Nepal, and a Cultural Guide native of Mustang


- very experienced Sherpa Guides


- mules to carry your luggage


- all nights in lodges


- in case of flights canceled between Pokara and Jomosom and / or back, due to bad weather, we will organize your transfer in 4 wheel drive cars from Pokhara to Jomosom and or back, with no extra to pay.


- In Kathmandu, since 2002, with the complete satisfaction  of all our travellers, we are welcomed in the great family house of our friend and local agent, Nima Thundu Sherpa. Located far from Kathmandu downtown where the permanent traffic-jams, the pollution and the noise are now too difficult to stand, Nima family house stands at half a mile from Pashupatinath Hindu Sanctuary, in a peaceful residential district. Nima and his family welcome us with all their kindness and dedication. You will sleep in single, double, or triple rooms with attached bathrooms. Meals, prepared by Pemba and Mina, are excellents. The hearty welcome of Nima and all his family, so deep and sincere, will make his house turn into your second home. When you will travel in Nepal, you will be far from your relative, but you will meet your second family in Nima home. 





- Reduction for early registration : if you register to one of our tours to Nepal by more than 10 months before the departure date, you will get a 3% reduction on the price of the tour (not valid for private groups).


- Further information on the tour : Detailed chart


- Your outfit : Click there 


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Mustang sceneries

Chele bridge, on the Kali Gandaki river
Looking like Grand Canyon
Crests and fairy chimneys, near Chhomnang
Kagbeni, gate of Mustang
Fields and village of Kagbeni
Old troglodyte dwellings, at Chele
Kali Gandaki canyon
Prayer flags, by a pass
The extraordinaries towers and fairy chimneys of Charang
Wiew on Chomnang village


Mustang inhabitants, the Lo-Ba

At Garphu monastery, close to Lo Manthang
A Lo-Ba sheperd
Close to Gyu La pass
Farmer, Kagbeni
On the way to school
Samar, yaks convoy


Monasteries in Mustang

Entrance of Charang monastery
Tama Gaon stupa
Chungsi cave and monastery
Charang monastery
Garphu monastery
Oil lamps, at Choprang monastery
Devil mask
Shakya Chyodi monastery, a Lo Manthang
Lamas statues
Buddha, at Shakya Chyodi monastery, Lo Manthang
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