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Off-piste tuition weekend


Beginner in off-piste, discover the techniques and the pleasure of off-piste skiing.


Off-piste Beginners course : a ski weekend based in Saint-Gervais Mont Blanc, to discover off-piste techniques.

Ski in Megeve - Saint Gervais : on just one ski weekend, with a wealth of experience behind us, we are sure to learn you the basic techniques of Off-Piste skiing, and to make you experiment the pleasure of skiing and gliding with balance and smoothness in powder snow. When you will have tasted ski off-piste during this Off-piste Beginners course, you won't be able to do without it. 


The slopes and off-piste routes of Megève and Saint-Gervais have the advantage of benefiting from varied exposures to the sun and being forested routes for the most part. Thus, we can always find safe off-piste routes for our off-piste lessons in excellent snow, whatever the atmospheric conditions and avalanches risks may be.


Besides, when they are significant risks of avalanches in Chamonix valley, most of the off-piste groups and Mountain guides from Chamonix come skiing on Megève and Saint-Gervais off-piste routes.




Departures : each Friday from 15 of December 2017 till 24 of March 2017





Price : from 275 € the week-end





Groups in our Off-piste Beginners course : 6 to 8 participants, with a French Ski-Instructor, graduated member of the "École du Ski Français" (ESF), or a French Mountain Guide, graduated member of the IFMGA, expert of off-piste technique, who knows perfectly all the off-piste routes of Megève and Saint-Gervais. Your French Ski-Instructor or Mountain Guide speaks fluently English, with a near-native comprehension.




Your level for our Off-piste Beginners course : you are competent on-piste, capable of skiing parallel at a steady pace on all red runs whatever the conditions and on easy black runs. You are a beginner in off-piste skiing, or you soon have tasted a little off-piste, and you want to learn or improve off-piste technique, to ski safely off-piste in any kind of snow.

You practise twice a week running, biking or swimming. You are not an athlete, but you are fit.




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