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Rock climbing, Beginner's course

"There are very few feelings like this plenitude created by the contact between the climber and the rock, when his hands create the holds instead of seeking them, when he goes up smoothly in harmony with the rock and heights. The complicity which links the members of the roped party heightens the inner mental strength of the climber, his concentration mixed with relaxation, his perfect balance. Climbing is purely and simply beautiful. Climbing is not just rising up as a conqueror, climbing is merging into the rock, climbing is living intensely each moment of the ascent of his companion, and then of his own, living entirely for the moment, a pure present of Mountains"

Marc Démolis, Mountain Guide




Climbing in the Alps, Chamonix Mont-Blanc, 5 days, departure each Monday from 11 of June till 10 of September, Year 2018, one Mountain Guide for two climbers, PRICE 1,472 Euros.  


This training course to rock climbing has been created to enable you to acquire enough experience to become one day the safe leader of your roped party on easy routes, through all the different techniques that you will discover during this training course: ascent of faces (slabs, dihedrals, chimneys); ascent of ridges; de-escalation; abseil; nuts and belays; rescue.


Therefore, the number of participants to this training course has been fixed to two climbers, in order to allow a fast and safe progress. During the ascents, you are thus always roped on directly with your guide.


This training course should not be regarded as a rock-climbing school in mountains. Each ascent carried out brings you the experience and the techniques of a climber, in the heart of the wild environment of the Aiguilles Rouges and Aravis groups, first stage before the ascents of more difficult rock faces in the Mont Blanc group.


Your level:


- you are a complete beginner in rock climbing, or you have a small experience in indoor or outdoor climbing, and you wish to discover the pleasure and the techniques of rock climbing in mountains.


- fitness level : you practise twice a week either running, biking or swimming. During the two months before this course, you must either run 30 minutes 3 times a week, bike 2 hours 2 times a week, or swim 2 hours each week.  


Reduce to the minimum (see the detailed chart "Equipment") the weight of your back pack (in rock climbing, each extra kilo makes climbing too hard)


Route: Meeting time 08. 30 am by the railway station of Argentière, in Chamonix valley; short transfer to the Montets pass, Chéserys footpath, rock climbing school of Chéserys and Aiguillette d'Argentière, footpath up to Lac Blanc hut (7,716 feet), night by the hut / ascent of the East Face of Crochues Peaks, then ridges of the Crochues Peaks (9,317 feet), ascent of the Belvédère Peak (9,728 feet), night by the Lac Blanc hut / ascent of Perseverance Peak (9,518 feet) by its South ridge, footpath down to the Montets pass, night in Chamonix / rest in the morning, then meeting time 1. 00 pm by the railway station of Le Fayet (12 miles from Chamonix), transfer to the Ânes pass, footpath up to Gramusset hut (7,100 feet), rock-climbing school near the hut, night by the hut / ascent of Pointe Percée (9,022 feet) by the Doigt ridge, footpath down to the Ânes pass, transfer to Le Fayet, separation at Le Fayet by mid-afternoon (from Le Fayet, trains each hour to Chamonix, 12 miles journey).


* Bonus : The Lac Blanc hut offers hot showers!

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