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Rock Climbing in the Alps


"There are very few feelings like this plenitude created by the contact between the climber and the rock, when his hands create the holds instead of seeking them, when he goes up smoothly in harmony with the rock and heights. The complicity which links the members of the roped party heightens the inner mental strength of the climber, his concentration mixed with relaxation, his perfect balance. Climbing is purely and simply beautiful. Climbing is not just rising up as a conqueror, climbing is merging into the rock, climbing is living intensely each moment of the ascent of his companion, and then of his own, living entirely for the moment, a pure present of Mountains"


Marc Démolis,
Mountain Guide

- Programme for complete beginners, rock climbing instruction :

Beginner's course, rock climbing : Climbing in the Mont Blanc group and the Aravis group : this training course to rock climbing has been created to enable you to acquire enough experience to become one day the safe leader of your roped party on easy routes, through all the different techniques that you will discover during this training course: ascent of faces (slabs, dihedrals, chimneys); ascent of ridges; de-escalation; abseil; nuts and belays; rescue.



- Further training, Rock-Climbing : 


- Advanced training course level 1, Mont-Blanc group : this mountain rock climbing course has been conceived to lead you to autonomy in level 4a (GB) or 5.6 (US) rock-climbing. Thus, after attending this course, you should be able to climb safely as leader of your roped party on short and easy routes, on all the kinds of ascents you will discover during this course -slabs, cracks, chimneys, ridges -, using all the following techniques: de-escalation; abseil; how to install a belay, pegs or "friends"; rescue techniques.


- Advanced training course level 1, Ecrins group  : a exclusive rock climbing course in the sunny South Alps.


- Advanced training course level 2, Mont-Blanc and Aravis groups  : the choice of the ascents, English level 5a - 5b  (US level 5.10a; French level 5+ / 6a), including 3 granite ascents and two limestone ascents, allows you to practise all the techniques of rock climbing (slab, crack, chimney, overhang, dulfer) on some of the most beautiful summits of the Mont-Blanc group and Aravis group.


- Matterhorn course 


Eiger + Matterhorn course


- Tailor-made programmes : classic ascents , "grandes courses" / difficult ascents


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