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Via Ferrata in the Alps



Discover Via Ferrate week-end


Discover the adventure atmosphere of Vias Ferrate, while learning the technical bases which are necessary for a self-sufficient practice on any easy Via Ferrata.



Via ferrata is a sport with no risks if you are properly equipped, and if you learn from a mountain guide during your first trips. You will wear a mountaineering harness, and you will be linked to the fixed wire-ropes by short ropes equipped with a shock absorber device and self-locking karabiners.


You will also wear a helmet, and you will be roped to your guide.

Ladders, steps, footbridges allow you to climb cliffs which used to be reserved to rock-climbers. Little by little you will get used to heights, which are not very impressive on Via Ferrate chosen for beginners during this week-end.


You will climb two Vias Ferrate during this week-end : Passy, offering a fantastic wiew on the Mont-Blanc group, and "Tour du Jallouvre", in the Grand Bornand valley.


Both are facing the south. Passy is perfect as a first route. "Tour du Jallouvre", more technical, will allow you to experiment the main safety measures used on a Via Ferrata. More difficult and longer than Passy Via, this route is in places a little impressive for beginners, but with the advices of your guide, you will climb it with no fear.




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